It's A Mace Thing

Megan & Liz | Release You Preview (:52)
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20:44 Phenomenon of the Maces Liz: So yeah you know I really like pizza and-
Megan: Let's sing a song now.
Liz: Okay.
Megan: Okay.
Megan's brain: I'll sing these parts.
Liz's brain: Okay Megan will sing those parts, so I'll harmonize accordingly.
Megan's brain: And Liz will sing these parts, so then I'll harmonize accordingly.
Megan's brain: Oh and here are the chords so you can play them without effort.
Liz's brain: Okay so Megan's gunna start in this key, so this is how you'll sing too.
Twins: Sings immaculately.
Fans: Wat but how this is beautiful you didn't practice wat you flawless humans
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Anonymous: What;'s the story behind number 23? :)

It’s a Mexican restaurant the twins love in Michigan!

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New Megan&Liz FYE tour dates!!


According to the twins’ Facebook, they’ll be playing another three free FYE shows in April!

April 6- Memphis, Tennessee at Poplar Plaza Shopping Center

April 10- Cedar Park, Texas at Lakeline Mall

April 11- San Antonio, Texas at Ingram Park Mall

If you live in or near any of these cities, make sure you help support the twins!

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